5 Things you need to know before Studying Abroad

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January 21, 2023
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After discovering a fantastic study abroad programme and getting accepted, you are now eager to begin your international experience.

Congratulations! The only thing left to do is to get ready for the lengthy trip. What ought you bring when studying abroad?

Do you require travel protection? When travelling, how should you manage your money and phones?

Not to worry; everyone on this site for the Best Immigration Consultants in Amritsar has previously considered and come up with solutions to these issues.


For the best advice on how to get ready for studying abroad, continue reading:


  • Apply for a passport and a visa

To travel and study abroad, you need a current passport. Check to make sure it hasn’t expired and won’t do so within six months of your intended return to the country if you already have one.

If you’ve previously travelled abroad, make sure your passport has blank pages.


  • Go to a travel health care professional

To make sure your health is in good shape before you travel, schedule a visit to the doctor and a physical.

In case of an emergency while travelling abroad, bring a copy of your medical records.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to be immunised before your trip and to be aware of the host nation’s vaccination requirements.


  • Get Travel Insurance

While you are studying abroad, it’s crucial to have a solid health and accident insurance plan that also includes coverage for emergency evacuation and repatriation (but let’s hope it never does!).

Even if your health insurance company offers international coverage, there are a few things that travel insurance will pay for that health insurance won’t.


  • Follow the currency market closely

Many students think about daily costs when choosing where to study abroad, but some of the most affordable travel destinations are also the least stable.

When you’re studying abroad, don’t assume that your currency will be worth the same as it was when you last checked the exchange rate five months ago, especially if your nation’s economy is particularly unstable.

When you budget for months rather than days, even small adjustments can have a big impact, and you might find yourself unexpectedly spending money in a place you thought was more affordable.


  • Check to see if all of your credits will be accepted at your home university

Programs for study abroad that have been pre approved by your department shouldn’t present any issues

But if you found something online or through another office, you should speak with an academic advisor to make sure you’ll be on the right track when you get back to school.

After studying abroad, the last thing you want to learn is that none of those classes applied toward your degree.



So, guys, these are some fundamental things you should be aware of when studying abroad.

Best immigration consultants in Amritsar genuinely hope that you will enjoy your stay and recognise the immense natural and cultural beauty that is waiting for you.

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